Urbanrobots was the progenitor of the company that became Urban Robotics Inc.

William Peters had the idea to start introducing commercial digital cameras into the highly specialized field of Defense Department surveillance. I had worked with his son and daughter in law, Geoff Peters and Lenka Jelinek. Based on Lenka’s recommendation, Geoff, Lenka and I did some prototype work for Bill – and he got the go ahead to make a business out of it.

For purposes of initial billing, we just used the urbanrobots domain name, as it was one that I had previously registered on a whim.  We quickly formalized the company into an LLC, and then, later, a C-Corp, using the more tractable name Urban Robotics.

That’s about it. The company took off.  Initially under Bill Peter’s leadership and then under Geoff Peter’s.

In 2014, we sold it to OG Systems and walked away.

This website exists to preserve the original domain name and to record a bit of history.